Scottsboro has taught us is that you cannot underestimate, protest. this video was very demonstrative in the recreation of this horrific experience in the lives of these Black youths. This

Scottsboro has taught us is that you cannot underestimate, protest.  this video was very demonstrative in the recreation of this horrific experience in the lives of these Black youths.  This story began with two women and nine young men.  As many criminal discriminative practices took place in the southern states during these times, this one also took place in the state of Alabama.  The tragedy of these nine boys lives hopelessly, eternally interrupted was sent cascading down roads of terror and imprisonment, for crimes that they did not commit, and were not rightfully represented.  On the morning of March 25, 1931, a freight train of the Southern Rail Corporation left Chattanooga, Tennessee, bound for points west.  Hobbies of the Black race, as well as those of the White race road these trains. Several Whites had tried to throw the nine Blacks off the train, but the Blacks overpowered them, and ended up throwing them off instead. Cronic’s necessity of a fair fight requires that the defense attorney put the prosecution’s case to the “crucible of meaningful adversarial testing.”  If a defense attorney is either incapable of challenging the states case or barred from doing so because of a structural impediment, a constructive denial of counsel occurs.  In Cronic, the Court points to the deficient representation received by the defendants known as the “Scottsboro Boys” and detailed in the U.S. Supreme Court case of as demonstrating constructive denial of counsel.  “The trial judge overseeing the Scottsboro Boy’s case appointed a real estate attorney from Chattanooga, who was not licensed in Alabama and was admittedly unfamiliar with the state’s rules of criminal procedure.  The Powell Court concluded that the defendants require the “guiding hand” of counsel , i.e., attorneys must be qualified and trained to the defendants advocate for their stated interests. Two White women in Coverall, which these nine young men did not even know were on the train got up when the posse from Paint Rock , Alabama caught the train looking for the Blacks that had beaten the Whites up and had thrown them from the train.  These two women accused these none young men of rape, which they were tried and convicted of.  The tragedy is so great when there was never any evidence to corroborate these two women story, only each other, they were wearing coveralls, not dresses, and were not looking attractive as women do, and finally one of the young men accuse of raping them had syphilis so bad he had problems walking, and was not capable of having sex, while another was blind.   This video is one that must be seen by every student just to grasp a small visual of what transpired between the races during this period of time.  Injustice is never a good practice for any group of people, because one thing is certain, what comes around , usually circles back around.

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