I’m doing a Health Care Marketing Business Plan Project. The 1st step to this plan was the Health Care Organization Selection which is already completed. I had to select a

I’m doing a Health Care Marketing Business Plan Project. The 1st step to this plan was the Health Care Organization Selection which is already completed. I had to select a Not-for-profit or For-profit Health Care Organization for this Business Plan. The chosen health care organization will either market a new product or service to a specific target market. United Health Group Incorporated is the healthcare organization I selected to use for my project. It is an American profit-making healthcare organization situated in Minnetonka, Minnesota. I’ve chosen to market Dialysis Centers. This plan will include 5 phases which will be broken up. The phases are: : Executive Summary : Company Profile & Industry Overview : Service Overview, Competitive Analysis, Marketing Mix : Service Delivery Plan and Human Resources Plan : Financial Statement and Balance Sheets However, we are on phase 5 of this project which is the The balance sheet shows the financial picture of a business at a given point in time. It is what the organization owns versus what they owe. The income statement shows the profit (or revenue-positive position) versus the loss of an organization over time. For this phase, utilize Merrill Lynch’s handout on reading financial statements. 1. Using one year of the balance sheet, determine the organization’s liquidity through the current ratio and debt-to-equity ratio. Use the table below and answer the questions. *This should be a table but I don’t know how to include it Left Side Current Assets __________ Fixed Assets ____________ Other Assets ____________ Right Side Shareholder Equity _____________ Current Liabilities ______________ Long-Term Liabilities ____________ a. is the current ratio? Do you have enough current assets to meet your                                      current liabilities? Explain. (Refer to page 23 of the Merrill Lynch handout) b. is their debt-to-equity ratio? Total liabilities/total shareholder equity =

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