Hey! I have a human resource exam coming up soon so I am doing a few practise exams at the moment. Is someone able to

Hey! I have a human resource exam coming up soon so I am doing a few practise exams at the moment. Is someone able to me out with this so I can have a better understanding? I have attached the case study and question, s! Image transcription text The case study
As part of a new initiative to recover hour the impacts of the COVE-19 global pandemic, a large g0vernment tourism and hospitality organisation is establishing new “Tourism Centres” across
Australia. The Tourism Centres will provide tourism infomiation, vacation planning and transport
booking services directly to domestic and international tourists, for the next two years or as long as
needed. The retail Tourism Centres will be located in major shopping centres and large regional
towns. Reflecting Australia’s states and territories, eight Agog Managers across Australia will
Oversee the operations, with 15 to 20 sites each. To cover all retail hours including weekends, a
small team in each site is expected to include: A. One site supgrvisor with operational and people management experience and superior tourism-
related expertise including flight bookings, hotel reservations, vacation planning, problem-
solving, able to consult with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders. B. Ten to twelve tour advisors. Tasks include providing travel, accommodation and hospitality
advice to phone, email and walk-in clients, and managing electronic bookings for those clients.
These m advisors are responsible for preparing vacation plans based on client requirements,
discussing and finalising schedules, and booking transport and accommodation for clients. They
are also responsible for accurate data entry and internal reporting. C. A receptionist. Tasks include ggeting, welcoming, and directing clients appropriately, notifying tour advisors of clients’ arrival, maintaining all communications systems and housekeeping. Image transcription text SELECTION: How will you select applicants? What qualifications or experience might you require?
Detail your selection process for one role: either the receptionist or tour adviser roles. How will you ensure
that y0ur selection system works? Refer to validity and reliability and outline the impact if you reduce the quality of selection processes.

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