Essay Writers   The wheat harvesting season in the American Midwest is short and most f

   The wheat harvesting season in the American Midwest is short and most farmers deliver their truck-loads of wheat to a giant central storage bin within a two-week span. Because of this wheat-filled trucks waiting to unload and return to the fields have been known to back up for a block at the receiving bin. The central bin is owned cooperatively and it is to every farmer’s benefit to make the unloading/storage process as efficient as possible. The cost of grain deterioration caused by unloading delays the cost of truck rental and idle driver time are significant concerns to the cooperative members. Although farmers have difficulty quantifying crop damage it is easy to assign a waiting and unloading cost for truck and driver of $ 18 per hour. The storage bin is open and operated 16 hours per day 7 days per week during the harvest season and is capable of unloading 35 trucks per hour according to an exponential distribution. Full trucks arrive all day long (during the hours the bin is open) at a rate of about 30 per hour following a Poisson pattern. To help the cooperative get a handle on the problem of lost time while trucks are waiting in line or unloading at the bin?I have attached a excel sheet but not sure if answers are correct.on abcand could not figure out def 

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